New type of meta Search engine

When we mention Search Engine we usually are in a Hurry to find a particular answer!

I do not like multiple Tool Bars so I pass on Yahoo and even Google Tool Bars, etc. I am waiting to see if Comodo can install their Search Window in the DeskBar at the bottom of the Screen in the Task Bar, instead of a in the Tool Bar at the Top.

Google used to have a beta out where that was done but now youi need to install the Tool Bar at the Top to get the Search Window at the bottom. Sorry not going to do it!

Why my persistance, how many times have you had something Full Screen and needed to search,
Ease of use and not needing to use hot keys. You can keep something on the screen while searching for the answer or anything else.

Enough of my meandering, and back to the title of this post.

Read about this “new type” of meta search engine “ViewZi” and found it interesting. check the different pages and read the comments