New tray icons for version 4.27 :)


Updated to version 4.27. Just a regular icon update for new version of BOClean.

One user e-mailed me about new icons for version 4.26. So here it is. I’ve also added 3 new icons for updater.

Yellow/black arrow → Update in progress
Green/white arrow → Update successful
Red/white arrow → Update failure

How to install new icons…
Shut down Comodo BoClean, extract the file from my archive using latest WinRAR or 7-zip and replace old boc426.exe with my modified one. Reboot the Windows or start BoClean manually.


Wow, you are fast :o Ok, I will download them and try it later :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

It took me like 15 minutes to create new 3 icons from existing templates and update the EXE. No biggie :slight_smile:

Thanks, RejZoR…I’ve been using your icons in version 4.25, and checked in just to see if you planned on making them for 4.26.

RejZoR, Thanks! You are one very talented person.

rejZoR Thanks I like the new tray icon looks good there :Beer

Excellent job, :Beer

These icons should come with it, they look so much better than a tv screen :slight_smile:

One thing, is your boc426 the same thing as the one that came with the install?

Yes, i extracted it from installer which i got from Comodo webpage.

Btw, do update icons look ok? I haven’t had any “luck” seeing them in real action. But since they are the same as others they should look fine.

Very good Job RejZoR!!! :slight_smile:

This is Excellent!


They look excellent, you did a A++ job with these icons :Beer

(When I first saw the magnifying glass in action, I thought for a second it was Norton ;D)

Yeah it does look similar hehe

As long as we don’t get sued, yo. :slight_smile:

I must to congrat you Rejzor. The icons are superb.
Thank you very much for your job.

These icons are great (:CLP).

Are there any determental effects when using this modified version of CBOclean?

Nice to see that you’re still around here RejZoR. Your icons doesn’t look like a flashing microwave with something hanging out of it on the right side (like a worm or something). I don’t use BOClean any more, but you’re still doing a great job (:WIN)


Cheers for that, my sttemtray looks a lot tidier now :BNC

The icons are really excellent - thanks so much!

One other point - it’s probably just me being thick, but what does the icon mean which is a yellow circle with what looks like a little magnifying glass inside? Do you have a brief list describing what all the different icon symbols actually mean?

RejZoR, :-TU

I forgot to thank you too. I am using those for a while already.

my bad - rude - unappreciative ! :-TD

Cheers :Beer

Excellent work on the tray icons!!! TYVM for making them available.


Nice icons !