New to the PCI Compliance Board? Read this first.

Let’s face it, PCI compliance can be confusing, daunting, and simply painful. Here at Comodo we are trying to help merchants meet their compliance needs and keep them compliant. Through all of our work in this field we have identified the need for a compliance community. A place for merchants to interact with one another to ease the burden of the compliance process.

There are many PCI solutions out there, but one area we all come up short in is education. This community will provide a wealth of information, resources, and experience that we can all learn from no matter how large or small your business is.

  • Share your questions and help answer others
  • Discuss future compliance needs
  • Share your compliance experience

This board is devoted entirely to the discussion of PCI DSS compliance. Please note that this is not a HackerGuardian PCI technical support thread. Feel free to discuss HackerGuardian, but for technical support go here: or contact the Comodo support team.

A Community-Based Approach To Compliance