New To Dragon From Chrome, CCleaner Question

I have been using Chrome for years, and have recently switched to Dragon. On my clean install, with only Dragon installed, CCleaner shows it as “Chrome”, but it still seems to clean everything correctly. So, does CCleaner clean Dragon thoroughly even though it’s listed as Chrome in the applications tab?

That’s what they claim yes, see this post here and yes it shows up as Chrome.

I am running the 64 bit version of CCleaner and it shows as Comodo Dragon on the program list.

Running also latest x64 (Win7) portable, but it shows Google Chrome here.

Shows Chrome on both 32 and 64 bit windows, with installed or portable versions of both Dragon and CCleaner(32/64)

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Thanks everyone!

Yes, it also shows the same in my version under applications but in the All Programs list in the Tools menu it states Comodo Dragon.

That’s the same as ‘Add/Remove programs’ it’s listing uninstallers that are registered to the systems registry.
The clean part is something Piriform created, and decided to add chromium clones to show up as ‘Chrome’.