New tests for making sure firewall is good...

Some basic tests…

let us know your feedback pls… no matter what firewally you use or don’t use, run this test and see how secure you are.


:-TU CFP3 pass both of them

It is such a simple that Security Expert Examiner Ganda passed them :-TU

welldone to ganda!

But you would be surprised how many other firewalls wouldn’t pass it!


I pass both tests with Comodo Firewall Pro 3, and without any firewall at all (:KWL)

I fail with CFP, whatever IP I use. What can this mean?

I even reinstalled. I have a pretty standard installation with trusted zone rules and a couple of rules allowing outgoing ICMP Port Unreachable messages to DNS servers (but it fails even without them).

I have version 2 for sake of Windows 2000.

huh ??? how ???

For shame >:(. You didn’t read the thread that Melih linked above?

Well, to explain it again, I used IPsec to block all ICMP traffic :wink:
Else, here is my original answer :wink:

(:TNG) nah, i only downloaded the leaktest.
:Beer cheers to CFP3

I tested twice and CFP3 failed ICMP1 and ICMP2 each time. Result showed bypass from my IP. What could be the reason for this? I use Time-Warner (RoadRunner).

Also: I did a diagnostic to check the integrity of the installation. Report said I have conflicting software, Outpost Firewall. I had tried this firewall in the past, but uninstalled it. I did a full system search (including hidden) for any files from Outpost, found none. Why does CFP3 detect this if a system search does not? How do I solve the problem, or is it a problem?

If you can verify outpost has been uninstalled (which it has) then a registry entry must have been left behind. Don’t worry if you dont experience any issues a few registry entries were left behind.

Thanks, but that still does not clue me to why Comodo fails the integrity tests.

If COMODO thinks outpost is installed then you will fail the integrity test. Regardless if it really is installed.