New tab problem

Hi people!

I’m not sure if this has been posted before but lately I keep getting this problem or possible bug maybe… everytime I open a new tab, it only opens a blank page, the address bar just says: chrome-internal://newtab/

I don’t know why but it started happening a few days ago, I tried updating to the latest version but it keeps happening, I’d love to fix this since I love this browser so much, hope someone can help me, thanks a lot in advance!

Hi and welcome redwonderland,
Try with all 3rd party extensions disabled and clear your browsing data.

If that fails you may have to try a reset, which is found at the bottom of the advanced settings.
Note: A reset will revert nearly all personal preferences and settings back to default, excluding bookmarks.

Kind regards.

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Hi captainsticks!
Thanks for the welcome and I tried as you suggested and it really worked disabling all my 3rd party extensions and clearing my browsing data. Then I tried enabling them again one by one and I found that it was just one of them causing the problem so it’s fixed now

Thanks a lot again!

You are welcome. :slight_smile:
Can you post the offending extension for the benefit of others with the same issue?


Sure! The name of the extension is My Facebook Theme 2.0.3
This is the website

Thank you for posting this. :-TU