New Tab from PrivDog??

when I surfing on the some page,
clicking photos, links and something like that sometimes Privdog opens page that shows nothing but it is really annoying :-TD

these pages link seems like this

Could you please give me several example URLs for further investigation? It will be better to have links to page with such photos or images.

I have these examples now for you ??? when I have new ones I will add here[at][at][at]=3&$=2

I mean such pages URLs please.

my bad sorry :embarassed:

maybe this one and its next ones

Much better, thanks. And please tell me, what image i need to click to receive same problem?

Now i clicked on center image for several times, but not get any issue.

I started to see them and cliking and clicking not a long time after 5 or 6 photos it appears for me I do not understand what happened

oyaremchuk just click click and it appears ???

And one more thing, in what browser this problem appear?

Cyberfox v24.0 that Firefox based ? is it important for this issue ?

I think yes. Because i used Chrome and clicked over 50 times - no new window.

Anyway thanks a lot.

Issue found. Will report it to extension team. Thanks.

I used CD too. I just tried and you are right no new tab ??? maybe problem for Firefox based browser ?

thank you for your feedback! It is very important for our team. :-TU
I have created a ticket.

thanks NPoberezhnaya,

I am using these add-ons with PrivDog it might be helpfull b[/b]

My browser is Cyberfox v24.0 that firefox(gecko) based and it uses the same profile with Firefox

[attachment deleted by admin]

thank you! :-TU

I too am periodically encountering new tabs being opened when using Firefox with PrivDog. Below is an example.;cat=58058;tcat=58058;cat=58058;kw=nook+32;items=125;seg=btyp;seg=AdvGLP;seg=AdvGLBucks;seg=mktef;seg=AdvGLSell;sz=160x600;u=i_1773000642290230956|m_325143;;tile=2;ot=1;um=7;us=11;eb_trk=325143;pr=22;xp=33;np=21;fbi=293;sbi=15052;fbo=11233;sbo=31608;fse=58058;sse=;fvi=6000;svi=6001;cg=d0f207d81400a5f165041174ff767c11;ord=1380994476811;

This is quite annoying.

Hi NPoberezhnaya and oyaremchuk :slight_smile:

This is inform to you , this problem looks fixed in version :-TU