New Setup Window & Prompt for "Comodo Secure Browser End User License Agreement"

Upon launching Comodo Dragon (Version on two of my desktop machines today, I was greeted with a Comodo-related Windows UAC prompt, which, when I OK’d it, led to a Dragon Setup window I’d never seen before that required the acceptance of a “Comodo Secure Browser End User License Agreement”. What’s this all about?

I’ve been using Dragon for a long time now, through various updates, and have never encountered this before. And I’ve been unable to find any info elsewhere that fully explains what this is, why it’s appearing now, and why I’m required to accept it in order to simply use a browser.



It’s all GOOD NEWS! :slight_smile:

A new version of Dragon 42 has been released today and there was a change in the EULA required for this update.

Here’s the release post.

Comodo Dragon 43 is already well underway in development and we’ll be delivering that soon via auto updates without any need to a EULA notification.



Thank you, Shane. One more question: Would I be correct in assuming that, given what you’ve said about there being no EULA notification associated with future (v.43) updates, that these same future updates will not involve a Windows UAC prompt? I ask that because I regard any UAC prompt that occurs spontaneously (i.e., I’ve done nothing to trigger it) as a “red flag”, and so would hope that Comodo Dragon will not be triggering these UAC prompts in the future.



From time to time Product EULAs change so we’ll improve the user experience here. Our goal recently was to release this long overdue 42 build.


Well done Shane,
It is a good idea to be prompted to accept the additional extensions. :-TU


Well . . . there’s always something. After reading Shane’s explanations (earlier in this thread), I closed and relaunched my CD browser, expecting to see the same Windows UAC prompt, which I intended to accept, and the Comodo EULA prompt, which I also intended to accept. However, nothing happened, on both of my computers, each of which had prompted me with these windows several times just prior to my initial post here. So, I decided to check for updates manually, again, on both computers. When I did that, the update check was not successful, on both computers. Instead, I received the message “unexpected error”.

Why did this happen? And what would be the best way to proceed now?

Thanks again.

Hi remstate,
If you manually download and run the installer, you will get an upgrade option screen. Screenshot
Comodo Dragon Version is now available.

Kind regards.

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Thank you, captainsticks. Followed your advice and all is now well. :^)