New rule setup everytime utorrent is launched from encrypted drive??

Well i have followed the utorrent guide already to forward ports for my router as well as for the software part of it.
I am launching uttorent from an encrypted drive only accessible after entering my password with truecrypt. And when my drive is mounted it is always the exact same letter drive

Everytime i launch it i get the install global hook utorrent.exe accept rule which i always hit always remember.
I also always get the port 6600(incoming connections) to accept which is already setup in my firewall. After hitting always remember everytime i even have the same rule listed numerous times which i have to constantly go back to delete duplicate ones. If i dont hit remember utorrent will spam me with other firewall rules i need to create.
I will also get prompted to accept other ports which are already accepted.
The thing i dont understand is below all my utorrent rules i have block rules for tcp and udp, why am i even getting prompted ???

I think this has to do with CIS not trusting any executable started on an “external” device like USB drives/External Disks and “External” Truecrypt drives.

Maybe this could work for you:
install uTorrent on the normal disk and configuring it to save all data to the encrypted drive ?