New Release CASG 2.11 with a New Feature: Domain Validation

Hi Everyone,

I want to announce you a new feature called Domain Validation in our “Comodo Anti Spam Gateway” (CASG) which is a cloud-based email anti-spam protection for enterprise mail servers.

This feature is coming with the new release CASG 2.11 today.

Benefits of this feature:

  •   Ensure your domains are under control by only you
  •   Protect unwanted access to your domains control in ASG system

Our Web Site:

Validating Domains

Comodo Anti Spam Gateway (CASG) now requires all domains be validated in order to demonstrate your ownership of the domains. This can be done in two ways:

  1)	The first method is to configure the MX record for the domain to the CASG service before adding the domain in the CASG interface. When you add this domain it will be automatically validated since only a person in control of the domain is able to modify MX records. See 'Configuring MX Record' for details about configuring MX record to CASG.

  2)	The second method is to add the domain to CASG first then validate ownership by providing an authentication code sent to “”

The following tutorial explains the second method. Please note that domains which have not been validated will be grayed out and marked as ‘False’ in the ‘Activated’ column.

To validate a domain

  •	Open the 'Domains' interface
  •	Select the domain that you want to validate.
  •	Click the 'Validate domain' button

The ‘Validate domain’ dialog box will open

A mail containing the validation code will have been sent to “” immediately after adding a domain. Click ‘Resend email’ to send this mail again.

  •	Enter the code the field and click 'OK'

CASG will verify the code and, if successful, the domain will be activated.

Non-validated domains should be validated within 24 hours or they will be automatically removed from the interface.

If you need any help about this domain validation steps, you can find these necessary information with a helpful screenshots in related product help page below:

Note: Domain Control Validation (DCV) is only required for new domains added after the release of CASG version 2.10. Any domains added in v2.10 and prior to it do not require DCV. Later releases may enforce DCV on all domains in stages.

We welcome any feedback or questions you may have.

Oytun Yavuz
Product Manager of Anti Spam Gateway