New release:


CMF just auto-updated to version

Balloon tray tip seems to be fixed.


hmm strange… when checking for updates I get the info that there are no new updates available… (running version

Harry :THNK

Does it fix Vista license killing ? :SMLR

Does not update (:SAD)


Does not update

Looks like I may have grabbed it just before pulling the plug for whatever reason.

Does it fix Vista license killing?

For the mean time I am not running Vista, sorry.

I could zip up everything out of my CMF folder and mail them to you, if you would like to try the new build. Please PM me.


Hi Guys,
We made a release for a shortwhile, may be for 30mts updates were live and then reverted back.

We plan to come up with an update fixing vista licensing issue this week by thursday.

At the moment for both ‘’ and ‘’ users updater will say no-updates available.

Although ‘’ does have GUI fixes including balloon tray bug.


Thank you for your reply Umesh :SMLR And thanks JimBell. :■■■■ Well guess we’ll have to wait till thursday :SMLR

One silly question??. (:NRD) Will it be available as a separated installer file as the current version by tomorrow???. I know that is a very silly question. Naaahhhhh!!! but I did it!!! (:CLP)

(B) (V) (R) :■■■■


We have released updates for Version and
Please check out following post: