New Provider of Comodo Site Inspector

I like the new provider of Comodo Site Inspector on which it’s called Web Inspector. I only noticed it with the new version of Dragon.

But I only have one issue with Web Inspector! and the issue is: You have to copy and paste a link into the address bar within CSI. With the old way you just pressed the CSI button to Scan the page your on.

Apart from that it runs quicker and it gets the result faster.

Anyway here is a screen shot of what I see



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Yes I submitted some malicious domains they got analysed faster than the previous ver…
Good Job ;D

Yes it is good Spywar

I’m glad it’s there.


Thank you for your feedback.

SiteInspector really was renamed and moved to the new domain name:

Product website:

I hope that Comodo Dragon will release a new version with a new WebInspector button in the short terms.

Your welcome vadim,

Yeah lets hope there is a fix, than doing the way I said.