New Poll: Which Antivirus Software Do you Use

I found this site with another Poll included Comodo Internet Security,+Help+%26+Guides)

Seems MSE users are the majority on that poll.

I think on almost every poll!

Well, not in the reality or the market share will show MSE in the very first place, which it’s not.

Avira is the ONE :-TU


Personally I haven’t used an Antivirus program for years choosing rather to run my internet browser safely under the virtualization of Sandboxie, nevertheless this AV poll looks as though it got responses from a very pedestrian cross section of computer users as supposed to the highly knowledgeable and extremely computer security conscious users that one usually finds posting on the Comodo Forums.


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Voted Avast Free, wow when ever i see these polls it blows my mind as to how MSE got adopted so fast

Voted Avast Free… Been using it a longtime and has saved me before I knew about Comodo Firewall 2.4 and now CIS.

Come on people, vote for CIS!

With CIS you have AV, memory scanner, BB, BO protection, D+, sandbox and firewall for free.

This is what I call a deal.

+1 It is necessary to help each other. CIS.

done in June:

I don’t choose an AV which has high poll result, but those with high testing results…

I use AVIRA as of now…