New Panda Internet Security 2012 3 months free.

Enjoy :wink:

Panda cloud antivirus and Panda Internet Security 2012, which one is better? Because panda cloud antivirus is given 6 months free to end users

Here, I’ll make it easy for you. :smiley:

If you want…

  • Very Lightweight & Simple [Cloud] AV
  • [Full] USB Vaccine
  • Behavioral Blocker & Analysis
    …choose Panda Cloud Antivirus PRO.

If you want…

  • Lightweight Suite with Traditional Signatures + Cloud
  • Advanced Configuration Options
  • IM Protection
  • Firewall, Antispam, & ID Protection
  • Web Filter
  • Secure Browser
  • Online Backup
  • Multimedia/Game Mode
  • “Extras”
    …choose Panda Internet Security 2012.

Thank you very much…I am trying Panda cloud antivirus free now, it’s very lightweight indeed.

this ones 6 months . . .

Panda is good when it comes to in the wild threats , but a zero day is another thing . . .

it’s free but won’t protect you in the real world .

same rough detection as McAfee but that ain’t safe :-\

You are wrong. Panda Cloud does very well against real world threats.

And no, Mcafee actually performs poorly versus Panda Cloud. In case you did not know, Panda Cloud uses the same core engine as Panda Antivirus PRO. That is why the results are always similar.

Panda’s firewall is stronger, but is still has room for improvement. That I do believe.

know the facts before u post . . .

where is panda on the list ?

firewall is stronger ;D get a job

Okay…and? Did you check that page before you posted? This is v2012 17.00.00 we are talking about.

get a job
For me, that is optional. ;)