New Network Detected Notice

Several times in the last month I got a warning that a “New home network has been detected.” It shows me the ip address and gives me the option to name it, allow printer and file sharing or close the window without any action. I only have one other computer on my home network.

What is causing this warning. I have a Windows 7 computer and am connected to the network and the internet through a router.


Is the IP address in the 169 range? In that case Windows does not see a network to connect with and it will assign an IP in the 169 range.

There are a couple of scenarios where this can happen:

  • During boot time when the network adapter is not released yet by the firewall f.e… Will fix its self usually. Nothing to worry about
  • When installing a program that installs a network driver. I see it happen each time I install Easy VPN. Within seconds the network adapter gets the normal IP address again. Nothing to worry about
  • When the IP address in the 169 range persists then it usually indicates a problem with the network adapter, network cable or router