New name suggestion

From a marketing standpoint, it’s a bit off kilter to call this Comodo Cleaning Essentials because it makes some users assume that the product is more akin to something like Comodo System Utilities (whose name sounds like it could include CCE’s features, which wouldn’t be a bad idea)/Glary Utilities/IOBit Advanced SystemCare.

Yes this is a superficial thing, but I’ve noticed it for a while.

A name like Comodo Intervention or Comodo Emergency Kit or something more specific to malware eliminaton rather than just “Cleaning” is in order.

I have to agree, CCE does sound like a General clean-up and Privacy cleaning program.
In the past is has confused new users that have failed to research a bit first.

I think Comodo Cleaning tools would be a good name

i think the word thats causing confusion is cleaning. when people hear this sometimes they think clean as is ccleaner temp files etc.

Um…this subforum isn’t even listed guys…

Hi BaiginLong,
It is a new child board under News / Announcements / Feedback - CCE
Please let us know if that is not visible to you?

Okay, I see it there now, but yeah…new name would be nice maybe. Comodo Emergency Kit or Comodo Malware Eliminator maybe? Something along those lines

a good name would be: Comodo Disinfection Tools