New name for Comodo's Utilities Range!?

Hi Guys.

As seen here:

Melih & the developers are trying to find a name for the utilities suite in the future… and they need your help! Place your names & suggestions here pls… WITHOUT “Comodo” in it!


Have I got this right: You want to create a brand/name/trademark (which word is the most proper?) not containing the name Comodo, yet it shall be owned by Comodo and not by a new company?

Either you release the desktop suite under a brand owned by Comodo or as a brand in a new company, I still think Chameleon is excellent! ;D As much as you want Comodo to be a security brand only, I guess you don’t want to make it a secret that the new desktop suite has a relation to Comodo… ?


we don’t want to brand it comodo and of course we don’t mind telling them comodo is behind it.

we are looking for a name that we can get a domain name for of course :slight_smile:

Zap. \ you could have a picture of a lighting bolt going through a trash can
jolt /

sparkie ← That’s what they call people in my country electricians. Could have a picture of a spanner and bolt through it. Kind of like an X.

Iguania are also lizards similar to the comodo lizard. is available. too. However is already taken.

I’m re-posting my reply since the other topic was closed…

Hey Melih, how about
“Lightning Bolt” When Lightning Bolt hits your system there is no need for any other security or performance tunning software…

:Beer :Beer

how about performance plus for a name.

I’m not sure how you check whether a domain name has already been used, but I like “System+”. Similar to “Defense+” but refers to an additional collection of system utilities for your operating system.


  • System Power Pack

  • System tweaker

  • System Optimizer

  • System Doctor

  • System health

  • System cleaner


  • Sweex

  • Performance +

  • Booster

  • Speedy

  • Tiger/Leopard/Jaguar/cheetah

  • butterfly (because of metamorphose …)

  • Freshcomp

tawiska - Cherokee for smooth
nota’e - Cheyenne for tribe or community
omaroo - Australian Aboriginal for beautiful view (or vista - lol)
orana - Australian Aboriginal for welcome

I like Ewens idea’s… Maybe we can get some more foreign names (:HUG)

That’s true - malware can’t survive in a fried system!

I also like Ewen’s proposals. Words like Power, Tweaker, Optimizer, Doctor, Health, Cleaner, Performance, Booster, Tuner, Utilities, Power, Speed, Super, Ultra, Plus, Deluxe etc. are so heavily overused that they have lost any meaning. Don’t use them, they are just fillers.
I’d use some kind of a “real” name that not necessarily tries to describe the functionality. At least not as its only name.
Just my 2 cents

O.K. Melih, I know you found “Black Watch Sentinel” cool, but here it really is;
“S.U.D.S.” for: (System Utilities Diagnostics Suite) which obviously refers to cleanliness, close enough? Kind of catchy no? :-TU
And besides I’m convinced Ewen (Panic) will appreciate it being Australian :Beer ;D

Xman :Beer :Beer :Beer

Basically all of the words in “System Utilities Diagnostics Suite” are so overused.
Comodo can’t differentiate from the masses if their utility has a name like thousand others.

What about a combination with “janitor”?

Hi Weaker, may be true but try doing a net search and hitting a site literally called “System Utilities Diagnostics Suite” or S.U.D.S. you’ll find similarities but nothing that exactly matches it…
Besides you’ll still have to convince Ewen that S.U.D.S. aren’t cool ;D (:LGH)

Cheers :Beer
Xman (:KWL)

Lizard Utility - “Think of me as a little guy who sneaks into your system, heals it, and then sneaks out telling you what I did”


< !ot!>

Do you know the favorite food of the Aboriginals is the tail of a Kangaroo ??? … * people* will try to safe the kangaroo …

</ !ot! >


…hmmmm… :THNK … maybe * Kangaroo* is a good name for this new suite… (:WIN)

Hi Weaker, if I was a “Janitor” I’d be offended not that I’ve got any qualms with “Professional Maintenance Personnel” BTW wanna borrow my mop to cleanup your post? :wink: :slight_smile: ;D
Xman (:KWL)

Bump. Need to keep this thread going! :slight_smile: Yells out to Melih

Got any ideas yet, Melih?