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I just wanted to introduce myself. I am a middle-aged bloke from the Lower 48 that happens to believe that Comodo absolutely rocks, and has so much more potential all the time. Thanks to the Comodo team for being unselfish and sharing such superb research and development. A few of you know me. Many of you may not. Happy surfing.

Welcome to Comodo Forum Gnosis :wink:

Hey, thanks yigido. Nice to hear from you. :slight_smile:

So, how happy is the one that says “I am Turkish”? :wink:

I am proud to be of my Turkish nationality. This word was told by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk who is the father of all Turks and founder of Turkish Republic.
You can google his name and learn lots of things in his life…I am still learning and learning…
or You can ask Melih :smiley:


Turkey is very unique, and the Sultans of old were very forgiving and gracious even to those that may have attempted to conquer any region of theirs and fail. Peter the Great learned of this first hand when attempting to occupy the Azov region.

forgiving miraculous word!! That is why Ottoman’s failed. Great Britain that the sun never sets on the empire… They forced their religion and language…
Ottomans greeted with tolerance their new lands…example…Morocco,Algeria Ottomans ruled all these area with forgiving and tolerance for hundreds of years. They never forced them to talk Turkish!
and then we are here… All world speak English, French.

Now if Ottomans exist, maybe Zinedine Zidane can play in our national team :slight_smile:

[b]Ottomans greeted with tolerance their new lands..example..Morocco,Algeria Ottomans ruled all these area with forgiving and tolerance for hundreds of years[/b]

That is truly admirable.

The British had quite a stranglehold, esp. when considering the British East India Company’s opium trade and the quasi-imperialist colonization efforts in Africa.

True. anyway these are !ot! Mods can react about the topic :smiley:
Welcome again :wink:

Oops. The following header for this section confused me:
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You are right but I am scared about be a banned one :-\ happened to me before :smiley:

Good looking out my man. I just reviewed the header and I think that I failed to read the fine print just below it that implied that “anything” refers to anything in this forum, not simply anything.
Thanks for looking out. :slight_smile: