new malware scan

Hope I’m in the right place. Brain damage from chasing infections for 4 days. Changed from AVG to Avira/changed firewalls and on and on. Nothing is getting 1Explore.exe and others. Ran Spybot, AVG, Avira, Ccleaner…no dice. Any help appreciated.
Not sure settings are right in Comodo. Face icon in taskbar is white and then gets alittle red top left corner from time to time

You can try to cripple the malware. See if it shows up in Active Process List (D+ → Common Task). Then select it, click right and choose Terminate and block.

When it shows up in Process Explorer with parent and siblings select and suspend the group and then terminate them.

A HijackThis log would help to see the extent of the problems, you could download it here and run a scan, then post the logfile in a reply:

Unless you are an experienced HJT helper do not use it to fix anything without guidance. It could make your computer unbootable.

You can submit the file for analysis at for Avira (AntiVir) to look at it.

You can submit the to for Microsoft to look at it.

You can report it to Web Sense at Report Malicious Activity - Security Labs

You can tell ClamAV at

You can let the people on this forum see it by uploading it to

You can scan it with multiple AVs at
… there are many others and many e-mail addresses too…

and lastly, you can upload it to

Once you upload the file, wait for the results and then update you product and run a full system scan.
When the file is detected remove it.