New Listens after update

After a fresh install - uninsatall - install of
a new listening port is now appeared that was not there before
in previous version. In Active Connections svchost.exe is now
listening under TCP and 135.

It does appear blocked, and shields up all green. The obvious question
is why did this suddenly appear after the upgrade? And how to trun it off?

Surprised you didn’t see it before-are you sure? Port 135 is used for RPC service communication between the Windows processes, both in XP and Vista. If you turn it off your computer will stop working.

quote from first post.
“a new listening port [has] now appeared…”

Hi comoe

There are other things that use TCP 135 (RpcSs)… installed any other software recently? What is the “Startup type” of the RpcSS service on your system?

What does a netstat -bn show?

uninstalled, reboot, installed, reboot
no other software installed or uninstalled during.

netstat -bn only shows some browser conections

I have had all listening ports disabled on my pc for years without any problems.

A netstat -bn doesn’t show TCP 135 & yet CFP does?

yes, this is true.

You can take a look with tcpview, but it should just show svchost listening to epmap. You can look up epmap with Google for more information on what it is doing. I have had it listening all along (in Vista)-what OS are you using? It is used for internal communication and there is no problem blocking it from listening for internet access.

this is good to know. can you post how or to a website howto?

I’m sorry. (:LGH)

In other words, another completely useless resource hogging service from Microcrap.

It should be netstat -abn to show listening ports

Thanks for point that out ggf31416. Explains why I couldn’t replicate what comoe was seeing. Silly me. :-[