New installation, cant update virus database, no internetconnect.(SOLVED)

??? Hi. I´m from Sweden so beware of bad spell´d english :a0

I have let Comodo Internet Security take total command over my Laptop.
It´s a pretty new laptop with Vista.
So, i downloaded the new version and installed it, so far so good.

But when i update the Comodo Antivirus Database it say´s that i have no internet connection.
The internet work´s fine.

I tried to disable the firewall in Comodo but it still does´nt work.
The firewall in Vista is disabled.

I have another laptop, but with XP instead of Vista. In this one it seems to work fine. I can update the virus database.
Any suggestions? !ot!(Nice spell program in this forum) !ot!

Why does this happen? Where i cant update the virus thing? I have no idea what i am doing really…i just downloaded comodo 3 days ago and having trouble already??? I am so fed up with nothing but problems going to kaspersky i think if nobody can help me solve this…so please help me someone to solve this problem…


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You can try to download this: