New Install Questions

I apologize if this is in the wrong place or already answered. I tried searcing the forums but couldn’t find anything.

Today, I downloaded and installed COMODO Secure Email v (32 bit version) on a Windows 7 64 bit computer, with Outlook 2007 as my email program.

I have two questions: (1) I keep seeing reference to private and public keys, but cannot find anything which tells me how to set them up, if I even have to do anything. (2) I was having some problems and, based on a message I saw in the forum, I deleted my certificate and tried to get another one. Now I don’t appear to be able to get a new certificate nor retrieve the old one.

Any help would be appreciated.


I did figure out the certificate problem, I actually have to request assistance on that from Support since the certificate is register they have to revoke it.

Still not sure about public and private keys.


Can you screenshot the Private & Public Key messages your getting?

Sorry, I wasn’t being clear. I’m not getting any kind of messages from the system about Private and Public keys. I see reference to them in the Knowledge base and other reading about encryption. Perhaps it is something done by CSE without intervention by me? I guess my question should have been something like, do I have to set up a Private and Public key to do encryption?

As far as I know with the reference to Private and Public keys is that Private Keys = For Personal Use and Public Keys = Commercial Certificates.

You do need to download and install a certificate obivously.

With regards to your other posted message about Interface Error, can you please try disabling “Use Microsft Workd to edit messages” & “Use Microsoft Word to reda Rich Text Messages”

This can usually be found in Outlook by going to Tools>>>Options>> Mail Format and the tick boxes I think are on that page.


 [at] Chet

After several months of using CSE, i have dropped it in favor of openpgp for the following reasons.

Despite the efforts of users and volunteers like Eric, Comodo support frankly "Sucks!"

My questions concerning if CSE will be updated again and when (general timeline) have gone unanswered. This program still needs some ironing out.

But the #1 reason i gave up on CSE is the “narrow mindedness” in which it was built. CSE can only be used with others that use issued certificates. It will not work with the popular openpgp protocol (public and private key system). In fact and i have tested this myself, CSE doesn’t even recognize/see pgp keys 88)

Openpgp sees both protocols and can be used with both. Not CSE. And even if you are 100% sure the certificate you received from a contact is theirs, if it’s not from a certified source, it can’t be used with CSE. With PGP, you can elevate the trust level in order to use it. Again, not CSE.