new install - Application Agent is not running

I could not get it to run, so I did an uninstall of Comodo, uninstalled ThreatFire & Spyware Doctor, turned off Windows firewall, downloaded and reinstalled Comodo. Still says Application Agent is not running. Yet I am able to update virus database, run scan, and firewall and defense both seem to be running. Run Diagnostics found no problems. So what is it that should be running, and how can I fix it?

This is very frustrating. I am running Windows XP, and did select to use the DNS servers. Please help. Thanks.

Do you see cmdagent.exe running in Task Manager? Make sure it show processes for all users.

In the current version of CIS, the loading of cmdagent.exe is blocked, be default, by the firewall, according to the firewall logs. Why CIS would block a piece of itself is simply beyond my ability to understand, but there it is. I had to make it a trusted app, and after that CIS allowed it.

But the “application agent” error persists.

The only difference is this: Prior to making cmdagent.exe a trusted app, by CIS icon in the system tray would have a little yellow exclamation point in its lower-right corner whenever application agent had failed to load/run. However, since making cmdagent.exe a trusted app, CIS (if fully opened) continues to tell me that application agent isn’t running; but, interestingly, the little yellow icon is no longer showing on the CIS icon in the system tray.

I wonder if application agent actually is running, but CIS is falsely reporting that it isn’t. (Just thinking out loud.)

Anway, bottom line: This problem is maddening. As this thread is proof, the problem has been goin on for a while, now. Many people more than just me are reporting it. When is it going to be fixed?

To see if cmdagent.exe is running look in Task Manager with “Show processes of all user” enabled.

It strikes me as odd that cmdagent.exe gets blocked by the firewall. Can you show us a screenshot of your firewall Applications Rules and Global Rules.

May be there is something not quite right with your current configuration. The way to find out is to import and activate a factory default configuration.

Go to More → Manage My Configurations → Import → Navigate to the CIS installation folder and import the Internet or Proactive Security Configuration (the choice is yours to which you import). You will be asked to give it a name; choose something like Comodo Internet Security - Fresh. When done activate it and see if the same thing happens or not.