New Incognito Windows 7 Jumplist option (fixed)

I am using Windows 7 x64 with the most current version of CD available in case that is something that’ll be asked.

I am looking to recover the Incognito option from the right-click of the pinned icon on the task bar which I think was removed when I recently ran CCleaner. Before running there were options to open a new tab or open incognito. I have tried to do a repair installation of CD and that completes without issue but does not resolve the problem. Hopeful someone has some suggestions that might work.

I took a screenshot and for easier viewing I doubled the size.

Thanks for reading and for any suggestions.

(As a sort of side note, I used to use SRWare Iron but switched to CD, both were affected in the same way)

Edit: Saw several people viewed this but no replies, no worries and thanks again, I have resolved it myself. Computer repair is all I really know how to do but I figured I could maybe tap into the forum and someone that had seen and resolved this but it is all good now, thanks again and I also say thanks for Comodo for making CD, my fav browser for some time now and hopefully for a long time to come!

This has been closed and if needed can be removed, whatever the mods here do, on the forums I Mod we usually just close them. I did choose to close however. Thanks again!

NOTE: i changed the text size to make it more readable, wasgij6