New Huge Security Hole found in IE

IE is one of the 3 browsers on my desktop. I use it for comparison with the other 2 and also it is the one my wife prefers. I have IceDragon currently set as default, if my small bug eventually gets corrected it will be Dragon.

I think IE 9 and 10 or not affected. I had upgraded IE every version till now. Cannot afford a new PC nor Operating System so I could not upgrade from IE8 to 9.

Here is the link with the info I would rather have a fix than a work around !



Loverboy’s link is a temporary fix from Microsoft until there is a security update available.

Hopefully there will be a fix with the January update round but I would not be surprised if it would be February because of testing cycles etc.

IE8 zero-day flaw targets U.S. nuke researchers; all versions of Windows affected…

Summary: Security researchers have discovered a previously unreported zero-day attack that targets U.S. government nuclear weapons scientists and researchers. Microsoft has warned Internet Explorer 8 users to upgrade to a later version of the browser, as the potentially affects at most one-quarter of all IE users.

Two things worth noting, it only applies to IE8 and who would be using that on anything but XP? There is also this quote from the article:

It's not thought that the general population is at risk of attacks, considering the narrow scope of the attacks.

I posted this for somebody who might be interested in reading it. Simple as that… Yeah?

Of course–no problem