NEW here! Help! CPU runs at 100% flat line is this due to cavse.exe x2


Every since I began using COMODO Anti-virus and firewall, my computer nearly stops working. Looking at the XP Task Manager is shows my CPU usage at 100% and it stays ay 100% on a “flat-line” at the top of the chart! What the heck is this?

I see that the Task Manager processes show that there are 2 cavse.exe running at above 20, 000K constantly… What is wrong with COMODO?

I was thinking it was a great product for anti-virus and firewall but now I am not so sure and I am ready to un-install it and go backk to Anti-Vir.


Hi & welcome.

As for CPU usage (do you mean CFP or CAVS here?), I think there have been bugs there. I’ve never experienced that myself, so I can’t help you on that one.

As for the two processes, this is actually normal for CAVS: it runs two processes by efficiency reasons (or was it security? I don’t remember :)). And yes, CAVS does require a couple of megabytes RAM, we hope that this will be reduced in the next version.


As for which is the culprit of my computer slowdown and the CPU running at 100% at ALL TIMES, I am not sure. As I am not that familiar with the abbreviation of the file types indicated under the Processes of Task Manager. What I do see is that the CPU is constantly at 100%

If you have Comodo Firewall 3.0 (CFP) you can view those active processes, and see which path they have. That way you can determine what belong to Comodo AntiVirus (CAVS). There are only two processes belonging to CFP: cfp.exe and cmdagent.exe.



Sorry but I remain a bit confused. I opened Task Manager again, looked at the processes and do not see any of the CFP abbreviations you mention.

What I do see is that another term is using a lot of memory and CPU usage and that abbreviation is: svchost.exe and I am not familiar with that file name either.

I am currently running COMODO to scan my system as it has never been done at a ful scan before. I ran before, but did not complete as it took way too long and I needed to use that computer before the scan was 100% completed.

I am thinking I may not be able to use COMODO as a Anti-virus product on that computer? Also I wanted to ask you if you think I am short on physical memory with having only 512MB?

You should see cfp.exe (for Comodo Firewall), if not, I don’t know where it has gone.

svchost.exe is a Windows system process, it has always been there. I have a vague memory of a Microsoft bug causing svchost to use 100% CPU. Is your system fully updated? If not, that may help you.

For “normal” (internet, office etc.) use of a computer, I think 512 MB is enough. I’d say it’s enough for CAVS. If you run heavy graphics (or other really heavy software) or so, you might need more.



I am still cornfused! I removed COMODO from the harddrive. The computer still ran up to 100% at stayed there. In desparation, I re-loaded XP Professional. Again with no virus protection loaded and using IE for a browser, the CPU usage again rose up to 100% and stayed there. I do not understand what the heck is the problem.

The CPU is a 2.8GB Intel, and there is 512MB Ram on this mother board. I have another home computer that runs XP Home Edition. This unit has a 2.6GB Intel Chip and 256MB of ram. Under FoxFire Browser it gets to 100% also and may stop working as well. The culprit on this unit appears to be: “System Idle Process” (last line under task master) It shoes System Idle Process running between 20 to 90% and jumping around between that much usage.

What does System Idle Process due if I am not Idle??? I am such a nerd! (:NRD)

Hi there son.follower. I seem to be jumping into the middle of this discsussion, but I think I can help you out with System Idle Process. This is a line from Wikipedia:

“In computing, an idle task is a special task loaded by the OS scheduler only when there is nothing for the computer to do.”

In other words, if your computer has no other tasks to do it will do this (System Idle Process), which is essentially doing nothing. In Task Manager if the line for System Idle Process shows a high percentage of “usage” the reality is that your computer is not doing much at all. If the System Idle Process percentage reading goes down (or disappears) then your computer really is busy doing other tasks (and these will show up elsewhere in Task Manager).
Hope that helps.

Hey son.follower,

The process called “System Idle Process” will usually have a large percentage associated with it, but this does not mean that the process is using that percentage of the CPU’s time. The System Idle Process is actually a measure of how much CPU capacity remains to be used. It is measuring how IDLE the processor is at that time.

To find out what is consuming your CPU cycles, do the following;

  1. Open Task Manager by pressing CTRL-ALT-DEL (On Vista you will need to then select “Start Task Manager”)
  2. Click the PROCESSES tab (This will display a list of the active processes)
  3. In the PROCESSES window, see if you have a column headed CPU
    3a. If CPU column is not there, click the VIEW menu, click SELECT COLUMNS…, “tick” CPU Usage and then click OK
  4. Click the column title “CPU” - this will sort the entries according to their CPU usage
  5. If the process at the top of the list shows ZERO, click the heading a second time to sort into reverse order

You should now see a list of the processes sorted by their CPU usage. Please note that the order they are displayed in will hop around a bit, as it is monitoring it in real time and as thing happen on your PC, the changes are reflected in this listing. “System Idle Process” will generally be at or near the top of the list, unless some other process is really taking a large chunk of your processor time.

Again, think of System Idle Process as how much free CPU time is available, not how much is in use.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

P.S> Since the perceived error occurs on a freshly installed copy of Windows XP Pro, it’s unllikely that CAVS is the culprit.

For your information, on my system, which is pretty loaded (approximately 160GB), a full system scan takes around an hour.

Ewen :slight_smile:

me too!
I came scrambling over to here and signed up just to post this…
dang, I shut everything down on my system, except the basics and as you can see,
two cavse are running with close statistics.

I didn’t know what would happen but I just end process on one of them and my system settled right down.

Have uninst and reinstall comodo and same thing happens.

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