New guy dumb question

I run PC Tools Spyware Doctor, Avast anti virus and Malwarebytes software on my home system along with the Comodo firewall. Neither program finds everything. Why doesn’t some one write one program to check everything? For example in preparation for paying a bill on line this morning I ran the Malwarebytes software and it found nothing, then the Avast anti virus and it found nothing. However PCTools Spyware program did find three low level tracking cookies. Is there one program I can install that will provide complete coverage and allow me to schedule it and forget it??

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There are a bunch of Internet Security Suites available. But why do you want them to find something ? Isn’t great to be malware free ? 88) The most important thing is to prevent malware from coming in, than trying to clean it after the infection.

If you want a set and forget protection, you can try Norton Internet Security 2009 or Eset Smart Security or Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 on Automatic mode.

Also, if you want low user interaction but high protection that will work with most anti-viruses, try GeSWall. The free version works fine.

PCTools Spyware program did find three low level tracking cookies
Cookies are harmless, just a privacy issue.

If you have firefox, do this
Cllick on tools —>click on “CLear Private data” —>make sure “cookies has a check mark” ---->Now click “clear private data now”

If your using internet explorer, do this
click on “tools” ----> “options” ---->make sure cookies has a check mark ---->now delete

A good software is “ccleaner” It’s only 3MB’s
Just open ccleaner —>click “run cleaner” YOUR DONE. Your cookies are gone from firefox or Internet explorer and among other things

, Avast anti virus and Malwarebytes software on my home system along with the Comodo firewall. Neither program finds everything
I think some antivirus ignore it because cookies are not a threat. (:LGH)

IN my opinion, why do you get rid of Pctools spyware?? You already have malwarebytes, the best in the industry. Although malwarebytes is equally good as superantispyware. You can get rid of cookies from your browser or just use “ccleaner” CCleaner is free. (:LGH)

Avast also searchs for spyware, malware, trojans, scripts (harmfull scripts), viruses.
Malwarebytes, specialize in spyware, malware, trojans.
If you still feel you need another opinion, DITCH PCTOOLS AND GET ((SUPERANTISPYWARE FREE EDITION))

Re: New guy dumb question
There's no such thing as stupid questions, just stupid answers. ALTHOUGH some people like to test that theory to the limits. :o

I could write more, but I think you get the idea.

Unfortunately not. Whether we like it or not, PC security requires some interaction from users. Security applications are getting a lot better, a lot smarter, but there will always be a need for a human behind the wheel. :wink:


I agree with ‘jay2007tech’ if I may quote in part,“There’s no such thing as stupid questions, just stupid answers.” One more added to that is, “and any unasked question is very stupid, because; where is the answer?”

Also as recommended by several, “SUPERANTISPYWARE” FREE EDITION, is the top of the crop to me, as I have been chasing problems on my system for several months without any luck finding what was causing my difficulty. After installation of SUPER DUPER “SUPERANTISPYWARE” FREE EDITION and Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware also FREE along with Comodo Internet Security/w AntiVirus scanner installed, the only one that found some of my problems was “SuperAntiSpyWare” and quarantined some of my problem software. Comodo’s AV scanner found others that were also quarantined and now my system is about 99.98% better.

My last point is “USER” input should really be required so you have some choices as to if you want to remove the problems or live with them. That is also what you get when using HiJackThis from Tend Micro it will display everything that has hooks into your system and you NEED to decide which ones you want to keep and which should be removed, KNOWLEDGE is power and you should have somewhat of a working knowledge of your system and what you use as well as what you should NOT be using.

Comodo is not yet the best of everything, they are on their way,