New Fixed Import and old rules exported [RESOLVED]

Hi Guys,

My Q is about the following statement for 18.309:

FIXED! Import functionality does not work correctly”

I have 100ds settings saved when I had .277
I lost them when was updating to .304 (gave incorrect answer because of famous ambiguous question during Setup.forget about it …not blaming anybody :wink: )

I recreated just a little portion of needed rules since.

Now we have 18.309 with the import FIX.

Can I import all those oldies?
If the answer is Yes, do I need to remove freshly recreated rules?
Would there be any conflicts/duplicates etc. or everything will be correctly substituted by “.277” old rules?

Thanks in advance
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Not sure for settings that old. I would export the freshly created rules, then do an “import as” for the saved rules and a “select” for the new name. I would not recommend the plain “import”-I just don’t have enough information to trust it.

Thanks sded,
Welll,… they are not as old as they look like ^^
They were imported fine in 295 … and after that we had only 304 an this 309… but yes I would prefer more information too.
As a matter of fact from your description as for “import as” and what I’ve seen in options is possible to work with different sets of current rules even switching within the session without restarting Comodo but I never had opportunity (time ) to check it out.
So I may “Import as” “old_277”, for example. This way they allegedly will be transformed into new format. If I test them and it works those with any new additions may me saved (as “new_277” hehe ^
^) or I can delete them if my experiment failed.
I just wanna be sure that currently sitting and working rules are not affected…

Thanks a lot again

That’s right. I always export the initial settings of a new release so I can answer user questions about it, but run with the current settings I have customized. The “select” toggle works in essentially zero time, and you can transfer between rule sets very quickly with no reboot or even an on/off. It is just a pointer to a total settings replacment, telling CFP3 which of the hives to use. If you delete it from the “manage my settings” it only deletes it from the list, not from your database.


Thanks for the whole reply… but the part I left in the quote is
one really clever thing to do indeed. :-TU

The advice was stolen by me using cut & paste.
Goes into my knowledge DB under:
“Things I should’ve figured out myself, but I did not.”
Cheers :Beer