new feature and tweak request for CSU

  1. as CCE new interface is pretty cool… I would like to see if CSU will have same kind of interface… you could make view for each option such as disk cleaner, privacy cleaner. etc. similar to smart scan, custom scan in CCE so whenever u click it new window for disk cleaner, privacy cleaner. etc. will open example tuneup utilities 2012… probably this will make CSU less bloated

  2. system tweaks for system such as optimizing internet connection, disabling autorun of removable drives, cd/dvd, disabling network access to registry, resetting home page of IE, etc.

  3. disk defragment like defraggler (which I have requested lots of times)

  4. registry defrag doesn’t show more detail like that of tuneup utilities and quicksys registry defrag… we can’t manually check for fragmentation…hope new version will have such option… comodo could buy quicksys registry defrag to improve registry defrag as it is not being developed anymore(i heard so correct if I am wrong)

  5. system information viewer

  6. analyze and search button to search newly install software … (reason when i uninstall CD v15 and install v16 CSU didn’t detect the dragon…later after system restart it detected CD :slight_smile: )

  7. improvement in cleaning… after cleaning in aggressive mode with all option clicked, still CCleaner removes more than 20MB from dragon browser which CCleaner detects as google chrome…

  8. some option such as duplicate file finder is hard to find

  9. settings for all the features such as privacy cleaner, disk cleaner, etc. at one place