New Comparative malware test from MRG CIS v3.8 included

Hi Guys.

There is a new malware test and CIS v3.8 was tested. My conclusion is that CIS is climbing the stairs fast. Congrats to all Comodo staff.

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:-TU Hello Jaki, Nice to see Cavs improving greatly, and i am sure it will eventually get to the top providing version 4 includes Cima which will greatly improve detection and take it to the next level. Not long before the data base catches Symantec as its already at 1.134 millions and piling the sigs on daily. However you have been beaten to the starting gate on this subject as Security maniac posted the same Tests as yourself earlier, never mind, it shows the general interest members have and how we like to see Cis/Cavs on the climb!!. Oh, i replied to his post with my usual “Fanboy” Soapbox approach to the best overall Security out there and getting better, if you care to look.


Great work.
This AV software are growing up and in the future CIs can win some award from testing labs.
For make user trusted in this program


Just noticed there is 2 similar topics… ;D :-TU

Its nice to see that Comodo is improving allot and very fast

From the ranking point of view:

COMODO CIS did not progress anything. COMODO CIS remain rank 13 compare to MRG project 16 reported date of 12th of Jan, 2009.

But if count on the progress of the detection rate, COMODO CIS is the Number one. (From 91.4% to 96.2%)

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In my opinion comodo should and could be in the top 3 with some work. The engine is good and so is the program. All that needs to be done is to improve the signatures.

And Comodo is doing that everyday. :wink:

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Hmm don’t miss the poll guys, bottom right… vote for your Favourite security software… :-TU :a0

Also for those interested here is comodos result on a test preformed by the same guys back in January 2009…

Only a 90.7% detection back then…

Now 96.2% detected, Good job! =)

EDIT:: missed WinBMY’s nice comparison chart.

Nice Job!

Thank you Monkey_Boy=)

Actually, MRG add 3 new vendors in this new report.
If count on the same vendors in Jan,2009. COMODO climbs to TOP 10.

The vendors that Detection rate greater than 99% were: G Data, Avira, A2, Avast, and F-Secure in MGR report in Jan, 2009.
The vendors that Detection rate greater than 99% are: G Data, Avira, A2, and Avast in MGR report in April, 2009.

To progress 0.1% in detection rate after detetion rate greater than 99% is hard.

That’s mean you shouldn’t trust your AntiVirus software as 100%
So the User is a most important fot prevention from malware that’s AntiVirus can’t detect.

Still if you look closely to the list you see has made a very good progress in detection capabilities. It has made a jump of around 6% in a few months! That is very impressive, considering the amount of malware that is around there… CIS has not surpassed any great av vendor yet… It is still in last place… Looking at this list, CIS is at 12th place, cause avira and a-squared are sharing first place. Also in some other lists CIS has not surpassed any great av vendor… A GOOD progress would be to see CIS score better than AVG, NOD32 and others after that! Anyway CIS IS doing a great job becoming a top notch av! And I am hoping to see it soon in top 5…

I guess CIS is already better than AVG Free, because of rootkit detection. :wink:

When did they test? Comodo has added 1 million definitions in one week, so the result should be noticeably better if they tested today…

:-TU Well said Jowa, you are spot on Avg free does not have Rootkit detection and Cavs has, so Avg stick that one in your pipe and smoke it!!. Also i agree if the test was done today i reckon we would see a substantial increase in its detection rate due to the now massive data base and recent huge increases, which i am confident would move Comodo up the league table. We will have to wait and see though as most doubters of Comodos detection rate dont seem to rate the credibility of anything but Av-comparitives to do testing from what i have read in various forum threads. Melih i think is sensible and correct in waiting for the right moment when all new heuristics are on board and Combine that with the Huge data base then i think the doubters will be eating humble pie, and if not i will!!.


Thanks Dave1234. :wink:

Let’s hope we will soon see better results here too. :wink: A lot has happened since January. Then CIS had 1 million definitions, and now it has 4 million…

if comodo can update every 1 hour that will be excellent

Hello DiSP,

In case you missed it:

Hope it makes you happy in May or June, or how long it will take to reach the 30 minutes target. :wink: