New Comodo User - mssqlserver notifications

Hi All,

I am another of new comodo users. :■■■■
So far I like what I am seeing here, great and helpful people. (:AGL)
I did get scared a bit on reading the crashes with Comodo anivirus. So for the present I decided to disable updates and do it myself regularly.

Anyway coming to my main problem:

I have mssqlserver 2005 installed and comodo antivirus reported that the following incident (3 time in different folder of sqlserver):

sqlresourceloader.dll ------------ virus …hupigon.azf

Though I was sure it was not a virus, I went ahead and uninstalled the sqlserver as I was not using that software for a long time. I dont have the exact message with me (as I was half sleepy when I was doing this!). I would like the developers to take a look at it. :THNK

thanks very much