New comodo product must be an OS.

Can’t comodo make an OS?

I share your wish S.M.Rumi.

If Comodo would make the more secure OS of the market, it’ll be tremendous.

I think it would be, at the moment, too much sand for the truck…
I can’t call Google an OS either… It’s more or less a Linux live CD…

comodo has plenty things to work on and make better. i dont think they should do this

The primary concern of Comodo is Security, not operating systems. This is not within the scope of what Comodo does.

A Comodo OS would be too much deviation, It also puts a lot of load on developers.

A bootable rescue disk of CCE would add a lot to Comodo’s credit.

This topic was here at least several times.
Users, who are suggesting that have to search before posting (no ofence)

Sure, I do agree with those users above, who are in oposition – that’s absolutely unneeded
… because an OS itself will not add any security in the 1st place
Those who are asking for that should go throug a bit of education regarding what is OS ( starting from BIOS)

It’s still possible to create new OS that will fit on 1.4Mb floppy – and that will be (new!) OS

Other shells & stuff around it … hmmm… isn’t that actually going on for ages already?
Isn’t that what Comodo anyway trying to achieve?
Isn’t that where MS is constantly failing & Linux/Mac are just a “lil bit better” than Windows, but still not perfect?

So …Yes! I mean – definite – No! :-TD :slight_smile:


If you make a derivative of an existing one of course not as you’ll inherit of its kernel security holes.

But if you can think of a completely new structure, it is another story.

Personally I’m not at all thinking at a new windows 95 looking like Puppy Linux nor a browser Linux nor Lightweight Portable.

It is an open forum where people can express their wishes for new products. It is not submit at the prior approval of some sort of soviet suprem of some users. The Comodo’s Board is surely able enough to know what could or not fit with its crore business.

Creating a wish for an OS is not a security subject, nor within the purview of what Comodo does. This has been asked before (search the boards) and will never happen. If you are unhappy with the current OS you are using, you are always free to change it to another already available (Linux flavour, perhaps).

There was a Linux-based Comodo OS…

I think that Comodo must focus on 4-5 programs and continue to develop them. I think that most important is Cis, Dragon, Cce+Kill switch. And I hope that Comodo willl make rescue disc and integrate it in Cce