new cloud behavior analysis like cima.... i don’t know if this website is good or not… reply ur opinions…

I’ll never trust that company again…
IObit as thieve: IOBit Theft Conclusion - Malwarebytes News - Malwarebytes Forums

iobit cloud: safe

valk: malware

VT: 23/43

Iobit is ■■■■ and useless

Yes its useless…i watched reviews of iobit malware defender and it completely failed…

Iobit is ■■■■ and useless + 1

Chinese government has full ,brutal , and absolute control of software developers and their code. The American government (and manufactures) spends millions upon millions of dollars checking the hardware components made in China for backdoors. Iobit, Glary Utilities, Rising, and the new Kingsoft PC Doctor just naming a few I can’t bring myself to trust . Just a point of view. :wink:

the subject was Iobit - fairly new (only 5 days ago) and I’m posting it before i watch. Bet it crashes and burns ?