New CIS Interface

Hello everyone! I have used CIS for a while now, 2 years or so.

I am satisfied about how it works, detects, behaves etc. and I also like the interface, but I find it kind of dated :-\ (maybe just me). So i took my time to design a “new” interface and how it may look like. Since most anti-virus solutions out there are heading to a more “Windows Metro” style. I did my best to recreate a simple and clean interface in the attachment below.

Tell me what you think, I welcome all sorts of feedback in your replies!

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Please wait for v6 as it has a new interface.
(I suppose wish granted)

Welcome to the forums, actually for v6 they have already completely redesigned the GUI. The public beta is expected by september.

There is actually already a lengthy topic here discussing everything about v6.

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