New CIS Configuration Wizard

I guess COMODO should improve CIS Configuration Wizard.

In my idea, with the new configuration wizard CIS should:

  1. Ask if the user would like to import a previous configuration;
  2. Ask what CIS configuration to use: Internet Security, Proactive Security, Antivirus Security or Firewall Security;
  3. Ask what digital certificates to use or not;
  4. Scan program files folder in the pc to look for digital certificates not built in CIS trusted vendors and ask user if he/she would like to add them;
  5. Scan program files folder in the pc and ask if the user would like to allow or deny internet access to that programs (as Online Armor Firewall does);
  6. Scan pc for malware.

IMO, this could improve very much usability.


I really like this!


I want something to be added. It’s sujested by a user over here

What i mean is would it be great if CIS can remembers these settings automatically when upgrading without manually exporting or reimporting. I don't see this as a bug but as a inconvenience. This happens to me a few times when i've forgotten to store a configuration and have to painstakingly do it over again.

So simply, when uninstalling/upgrading, they should give the option to remember the rules.


Xan, see this post with regard to import/export and re-install.