New CESM 1.4 has been issued. Please post your impressions/bug reports here.

Hi Guys,
We have just released new CESM 1.4 :

If you already have CESM license you can download new CESM and related products from Xcitium Endpoint Security Manager - enterprisexcitium
If not you may obtain free license for 5 points from COMODO Account Management

Please check new feature list below:

1.All new ‘Start’ page. Comodo Endpoint Security Manager sports a brand new dashboard interface containing wizards, shortcuts, useful links and important system information. Displayed by default in the main configuration area of the console interface, the Start page is a great way to run common tasks and provides immediate access to useful support resources. Features include:
Shortcuts and wizards that allow you to quickly initiate commonly executed activities like importing end-point computers, creating new Tasks and installing the CESM agent.
A snapshot of managed and unmanaged computers in your network
A summary of the status of tasks under execution
Support contact details
‘Getting Started’ links to help you learn about important aspects of the application
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2.Added Endpoint computer properties to right-click menu in the computer tree. Includes the ability to
View general system information, running services
View installed products,
View files and folder structure
View power management configuration on the target endpoint machine

3.Added the ability to right-click ‘n’ execute additional tasks on selected computers in the Computer window, including:
Send messages to target computer(s)
Reboot target computer(s)
Install packages on target computer(s)
Connect to endpoint machine via the Windows Command prompt - with the command line at the agent installation directory on the target endpoint
Initiate Comodo Internet Security tasks, including deploying a pre-set or custom CIS security policy , viewing CIS logs from the machine and initiating virus scans on the target machine.

4.Added new Power Management Action to remotely set power policy parameters on target machines

5.Paging added to Request History and Notification History windows

6.Redesigned Request Monitor and Notification Monitor windows

7.Modified and improved Computer and Group selection in the Task document window

8.Added the Ability to clone tasks from the Task Manager window to make it easier to create a variation on a base Task

9.Added support for SQL Server 2008 Express Edition

10.Added the ability to export Comodo Internet Security (CIS) logs.

11.Added the ability to install exe packages.

Sounds great, thanks!


excellent work guys!!


Nice job guys, keep it up.

BUG: >:(

I am testing CESM on a “Windows Home Server HP-EX-470” running Windows 2003 SBS. The CESM installs fine, but will not manage “Windows 7 Home Premium” clients due to the fact that the option “Network Security: LAN Manager authentication level” cannot be set to “Send LM & NTLM, use NTLMv2 if negotiated”, on Windows 7 Home Premium, due to the lack of “Local Security Policy” (secpol.exe) not included in this version of Windows, but “Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate” do have access to “Local Security Policy” (secpol.exe).

So, in conclusion, there are two problems.

1)Your documentation and users guides for CESM “DOES NOT STATE” which versions of “Windows 7” can be managed by CESM, and CESM WILL NOT manage Windows 7 Home Premium.
2)You should notify customers, before installation begins, which OS’s can and cannot be managed by Endpoint Security.

I will now have to Uninstall CESM from my server, as all of my client computers run “Windows 7 Home Premium” unless you fix this bug.

There are also a great number of “English miss-spellings” contained in both the .pdf’s and the “User Dialogs” of CESM, which need to be corrected to provide clarity to end users on technical issues.

This product is not ready for release to the general public and should not be sold until these items are addressed.

I would like to become a “Formal Beta Tester” for Comodo, specifically on both “CESM” and “Comodo Internet Security Pro” in exchange for free licensing of your products.

I think I can help you solve these issues and make your product a first rate security suite.

Just a mental note. Comodo uses “too much of the color RED in both its website and product. The color RED scares most folks, as they are used to seeing RED as a WARNING and as a DANGER SIGN, especially when used as a logo to verify a “Website” as SAFE. You should consider changing this color to BLUE or some other neutral color.

Feel free to contact me for more information.