new board ?

ppl often use comodo to play/share files. in my opinion, it’s about time to create new board for vpn, where ppl can give to other networks name and password, so they can play/file sharing with others.

what are you folk’s think about it ?



Hi there,

so what exactly would you like to see ? A network and connection board, where you can share your networks or ?
Please, I want to hear a bit more information about this!

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a board, where users can post they new networks to gaming/file sharing. something like it’s on → [ Gaming / Public Networks]

Well, instead of creating a board for that, you can create a topic saying the name and pass . It will set global connections between us guys. There is no need for a complete new board ?


it was only a sugestion. as i can see, this topic can be close :wink:

If you make a new topic with the username and pass for Comodo game users, I will be more than happy to sticky it.


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