new board?

I do not Know if it is possible to start a new board for common fixes and solutions to comodo firewall, to help new and old users alike.
The main point is to collect the fixes and solutions in one board instead of having to hunt them down over the whole forum, I.E no icon in system tray.

There’s already our old good trusty FAQs (that not to many read before asking something)!
We’ve also got this for some more FAQ’s.
So there’s a lot of stuff there! If it’s not there, then search for it. If you can’t find the answer, then ask yourself!

Anyways, do you think it would help with a new board if people already miss the exisiting FAQs?


I agree we should read the FAQS.
I just thought it might be a good idea to have a centralized area for answers rather than questions, as I have seen the same question or similar asked many times.