New beta with patent pending 100% safe cleaning released!

Please let us have your feedback about this new patent pending technology that lets you clean with 100% safety!


Posted thoughts in Beta corner but have to mention here as well.

She’s a beauty!
Maybe we should call the dev. team the Bug Smashers.

All issues I had on XP Pro SP3 with earlier Betas’s are gone gone gone.

Thanks Again Comodo Team


great to hear! Thanks Bad!

how do u like the new patent pending technology of roll back? (now its 100% safe to delete, cos u can always go back :slight_smile: )


Great, will test right away.
Than Melih

Well the new Roll Back is just plain Sweet!

It takes all the pucker factor out of hitting the clean button.
That makes it safe, that means I can recommend it to people.

Also the Reg Cleaner by default makes back ups prior to cleaning.
So It’s all good here.

There is a minor bug about the updater thinking there is one. But
it’s nothing to me as it isn’t a security app directly, and all else just Works.

Thanks Melih and Team

First run and it cleans out real smooth and very thourough. Great job, Guys

good to hear… did you use the roll back function (the patent pending one (:NRD) ) when you cleaned?


Not a fair question, but how does rollback work when you discover three weeks later that one of the many cleaning actions that you did in between removed something that was needed for a function you rarely use?

I believe panic raised a similar question at

Anyway, if you notice a problem straight away, that is definitely a nice function to have and thanks for making it available.


I thought that as well and have posted the following suggestion in the CASC beta board


The one problem I can see is that you have one chance to check that everything is actually working before deleting the files.

Would it be possible to have files that are marked for deletion archived/aggregated and stored on another device (USB, ext HDD etc.) so they could be either re-inserted or deleted at a later point?

This would give the users more time to make a better decision as to whether the cleaning had introduced any issues.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Indeed, its a fair issue. however one of the biggest issues with these kind of cleaning solutions is not that something will be noticed few weeks later but it renders the machine inoperable. We solved that problem… as far as going back in time for other reasons… wait for Comodo Time Machine…


I have never had any issues with missing files that were cleaned/removed by Comodo Disk Cleaner. I don’t use the Privacy Cleaner, as I don’t have any need for it. Some people on the forum seemed to have problems after a privacy cleaning because of missing Favorites, passwords, etc.

The new Beta version of CSC completes registry and disk scans in a matter of minutes on our XP notebook. File cleaning also works like it is supposed to, doing the cleaning in a matter of seconds. This is a vast improvement over the hours that the last public release took to complete a scan and cleaning on our XP notebook. I am extremely pleased with this Beta for that reason. This Beta also works perfectly on our Vista machines. I have not had any reason to roll back a disk cleaning using this Beta. I haven’t had to restore the registry after a registry cleaning since the first time I used the Beta of Comodo Registry Cleaner, before it had all the other programs incorporated into it and got a name change to Comodo System Cleaner. This cleaner has come a long way in a short period of time. It is nice to have the ability to roll back a disk cleaning after completing the cleaning, but it is even nicer to not have any reason, or need to do so. I am still interested in seeing a disk defragmenter incorporated into CSC. Great job Comodo!!!

I have a question concerning the CSC Beta that actually involves CIS. It is about an advanced setting in CIS Defense+. This question would actually apply to the last public release version of CIS also. Running Windows Vista Ultimate, I have been setting Defense+ / Advanced / Predefined Security Policies / Windows System Application / Protection Settings / Interprocess Memory Accesses to ‘Yes’. ‘No’ is the default. After changing this setting to ‘Yes’, several executables have to be added to Exceptions to allow applications such as Windows Explorer, Control Panel, Windows Update, regedit, System Restore, and the Windows Install Clean Up utility to open and run.

Since Comodo System Cleaner 1.0.616 Beta has been released with the ability to create a System Restore point before cleaning disk files, I cannot find what specific executables to add to allow CSC Disk Cleaner to create this System Restore point. Adding rstrui.exe and SystemPropertiesProtection.exe to Exceptions allows a restore point to be created from within System Properties, but adding these two files to Exceptions does not allow CSC to create the system restore point. A message pops up stating “Cannot create restore point! The System Restore service might not be running! Do you still wish to continue with cleaning process?” So there must be at least one additional executable that needs to be added to Exceptions for CSC to be allowed to create the restore point. Does anyone have any idea what additional executable(s) need to be added? The File Group ‘Executables’ can be added to Exceptions, which will allow CSC to create a restore point, but I don’t want to add ALL executable to ‘Exclusions’, only the specific ones that are needed to allow CSC to create a restore point before cleaning the files it finds.

I found the answer. It is the Comodo Disk Cleaner executable: CDC.exe in C:\Program Files\Comodo\System Cleaner. When rstrui.exe, SystemPropertiesProtection.exe and CDC.exe are all added to Exceptions then the restore point can be created from within Comodo Disk Cleaner before the file deletion is performed.

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CSC becomes better and better! when it becomes more and more user friendly, (it is already heading that way, with that new roll back function…), I will install it for my relatives! :slight_smile:

:-TU (V)

Occasionally, in the FINALIZE screen, when you select FINALIZE, the files are deleted but the FINALIZE dialogue doesn’t close automatically and won’t respond to the “X”.

In this instance, clicking FINALIZE a second time reboots the PC. This and subsequent reboots still produce the FINALIZE dialogue box that pertained to the original cleaning. The only way to get rid of the alert is to terminate the CSC.EXE process.

Ewen :slight_smile: