New beta/stable version of CTM


Why is it taking so long for one to be made available for downloading?

it is available for downloading.2.8 is the release and 2.9 is in beta.

Seems that CTM is going to dye… at least taking it’s development speed…

Last month Melih spilled the following bean in the mod board. Development for CTM is still going on but the program may morph into something else. That’s all we know. I am as curious as you guys but I have nothing more to share.

Is to fear or to celebrate? ???

I have no idea. I told you all we know. It will be as big a surprise to me as to you.

I’m hoping for a unicorn! :slight_smile:


My uninformed guess would be a long time if they are thinking of morphing it. That tells me they either have a great idea that must be implemented into it or it still won’t work right so they are going in a different direction.

So, any news regarding a new version of it?

We’re losing time, debating, debating…

Tech the more you debate and the more you go nuts :wink:

Its the new year and there is STILL no new version of it out.

Can’t any of the developers say anything about this…
It’s being a mystery for months… Why?
Please, a straight answer and not only… “it will be morphed on something else”…

Don’t the users and beta testers deserve some information?

Will this be DACS all over again? We’ll only find out about it the day before it’s release!

Nice. :-TU

One of the moderators should try asking Melih about CTM again. There has to be a reason why a new version hasn’t been made yet.