New Beta? [SOLVED]

When will there be a new beta? ???

Hmm, I don’t really think we’ll see any direct beta’s of the firewall anymore. I think they will probably be first added into CIS.


CFP seems to be a bit abandonned by his creators : no updates to come, no beta (all is for cis), no translations… :THNK

Do you know of any improvements that they can make to CPF3? please submit your ideas to the wishlist.

I would imagine any further updates would now be added to CIS as you can install either the firewall or antivirus seperately (or install both). Maybe both will be updated seperately but it would make more sense to work on the one product rather than three (CIS, firewall and antivirus).


Comodo Internet security is basically CFP + AV.

You can install Only CFP, Only the AV or both.

So a new CFP Final will be released soon as a part of CIS packaging.

I’ll Mark this topic as solved and lock it. Please continue any related discussion in Comodo Internet Security 3.5 beta Questions and Answers before CIS will be released.

After CIS release all CIS boards will be unlocked.