New baseline creation is unable to verify one of the records, freezes and crashs

Please help. CMT new baseline creation is unable to verify a table and freezes at 5% then crashes laptop. I cannot get under it or past it, even with my XP cd. Don’t want to reformat as I just entered new info this morning which is why I was creating a new baseline.

Sorry, fellow user. As development of CTM has been hybernating for sometime now, so are we forum participants !

The proper procedure when encountering freeze-up problems with CTM during installation, snapshot restoration, renewing baseline and/or uninstallation is “to REBUILD the MBR”. In the case of having some vital data on the system that you would like to retrieve before doing the MBR rebuilding procedure, some PE tools can be used to read, copy and paste those data to a media other than the one protected by CTM.

Using system discs or other tools to repair the system before removing CTM (done by rebuilding the MBR) will most likely induce the system to be unbootable and inoperable.