New AV Test Results

Some interesting results here from a very recent Russian test of AV products against a range of polymorphic viruses.These mutating malware represent a tough challenge for antivirus scanners and the products tested showed a wide variation in their effectiveness.

Avira AntiVir,F-Secure and Kaspersky came out on top here with close to 100% detection overall.The link is to the in depth results translated into English.


Huh ???

Test was conducted in the machine under the operating system Windows xp SP2 in the period from 15 January through 20 February,[b]2007[/b], ...

I presume that should be 2008 :wink:

Anyway, thanks for the post :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

I think they probably did mean 2007.

Check out the listings of AV and firewall products. They’re all OLD versions, so this site may not have been updated for ages.


The page that I am looking at tested all the latest ( 2008 ) versions, and the topic about it on their forum is from 27.02.2008 .

Greetz, Red.

Yes,it was the latest 2008 versions that were used,bearing in mind that the site was translated into English it’s quite possible that a few errors may creep in.I checked that the version of Avira (7.06) is the current one that’s on my own system.

What was surprising is the wide variance in results,with well known products such as Mcafee doing poorly.
Of course no single test can judge how good an AV is with complete accuracy,however the usual suspects Kaspersky and AntiVir seem to come out on top over numerous recent tests. :■■■■

Avira always does good :slight_smile: