New Anivirus UnThreat

Hey Guys Checkout this new UnThreat Antivirus it also has vb100

UnThreat Antivirus reviews

What engine does it use ?

Not sure about that

A Net search says it’s the VIPRE engine. There is also a topic on this product over at Wilders, which dates back to April/May. So, I guess that it isn’t so new any more.

I see. Now if some company wanna be a security company is just buying engine from popular vendor and rename rebrand and remake UI. Because I see a lot of New brand Antivirus program from Virusbtn that used other engine from popular vendor.

Will Comodo planning to release engine SDK soon. ;D

i wonder how it managed to score above 90% results

Very light resource impact (even lighter then AVG).

4 major flaws :

  1. No exclude from active protection (for “known threats”).
  2. Shell integration (Win 7 32 bit) does not work.
  3. Custom scan (with archives and heur enabled) failed.
  4. No support for free version - i.e. for tickets one should be able to login (and that means be registered as license holder).

Great potential (very nice interface, very impressive quick scan) - should be monitored (perhaps some of the above will be resolved with future versions).

  1. I does has exclude (see screenshot)
  2. It doesnt work on win7x32 ( can conform that)
  3. Passed for me (see screenshot)
  4. you are right i guess
  5. Checked with a lot of 0-day malware and it detected all of them on execution ( detection rate is good)
  6. memory usage is also low almost 30mb
  7. scans also fast and speed can be changed according to process priority
  8. will further test it to see if it works along side CIS on win7x32 and win7x64
  9. overall a good protection with some minor flaws

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  1. No offense just read what I wrote : no excludes for “known threats” (only for unknown) on active protection (scanner is NOT active protection …).
  2. It didn’t on my box (even after boot).

All in all very promising - however from my point of view too early.

there is no exclude for known threats but you can restore it through quarantine and add to excludes
I installed it on my win7x64 as well alongside CIS 5.9 and kingsoft PC doctor 3.1 and everything is working fine as it should be
will however disable active protection in unthreat since its good at detection will keep it for manual scans incase CIS misses anything unthreat detection can be used to increase CIS database

After 2 days of installation still no AV updates, updater mentions no new updates available & the database version is the same as it was 2 days before on installation i.e 11146.

Signature Detection seems good.

Suspicious Behaviour detection - Dont know how good is this?

No right click scan.

Few bugs like delete item in quarantine not working, etc.

People say its Vipre engine. I tested it with few malware. Whatever it did not detected I uploaded to VirusTotal. At VT Vipre detected few of those not detected by Unthreat. So I guess may be coz of less frequency of update or limited AV database.

But seems promising if updates are good & other features are little polished & few new features in the upcoming versions.


You can not add known threats to “active protection” excludes. Thus even if you restore a known threat it gets quarantine again once detected (you can for example try autokms from office activation tool which should be at most risk aware or suspicious nothing more. It’s keygen will bounce back to quarantine after restore if the dir it’s in is opened in windows explorer with “active protection” enabled …).

It seems that I’m not the only one with no right click scan (which is shell integration …).

However still a very strong free contender for average user.

mine is also at 11146
I wonder how do they have a good detection though the virus database is not updating it even detects lots of 0-day malware
anyways will keep an eye to see when it updates its database
I a free version is so good i wonder how good is their paid version which updates frequently anyone tested their paid version

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3 days & no updates. Uninstalled it. But signature detection seems good. And registry scanning also seems good. Also has suspicious behaviour detection but dont know how good it is. Looks promising if updates frequency is good & heuristics/behaviour is improved.


Awhile ago I’ve created a network policy called AV update (based on Web browser, changed DNS to both TCP as well as UDP for AVG :slight_smile: + log all).
I’m configuring all AVs to use this policy.

UnThreat does not log any internet access (not due to automatic upadtes nor due to manual check via about).

BTW: I’m failing to get sched whole computer scans to work (nothing block by D+).

For now I’m keeping it installed as a 2’nd opinion scanner (active protection disabled).

I sent an email to Unthreat team regarding AV updates, database & engine in the free & paid version.

Here is the reply I got.

“There is automatic update in the paid version but not in the free one. We are about to release a new version of the Free version with a button for offline update.
The databases are the same but you will have to do manual updates on the free version.”


There’s a button (I guess this is manual) for “Check For Update Now …” under update (after clicking about) - pushing it does not create any out connection.

I guess the sched scan does nothing due to usage of free version …

@naren : if you can get them to enable manual excludes (even for “known threats”) for active protection it will be great ! 88)

New version of Unthreat Free Edition released with autoupdate feature now. Previously it was manual update.


Unthreat Forum Released

By the way I also asked them now what is the difference between the autoupdate in free & paid version?

They replied “The update in the free version is a bit slower than our paid version, however our incremental updates are no more than 100-200kb so they are still downloaded quickly. Other than that, there are no differences.”

I also asked them Unthreat uses Vipre engine but I find difference in detection of Unthreat & Vipre, why?

They replied “There might be slight differences between us and Vipre because they recently released their new version with a new engine. We will soon have it in-house and upgrade it.”

I must say awesome support.