New and unbelievable antivirus, just 56KB!

Hi all,

I found a website and its new antivirus product PlaceboAV while searching information about malware. Website says “An unbelievable feature-set packed into just 56KB of executable! Lordy, it’s a miracle! And it’s free!”.

I downloaded it but not tried. VirusTotal says it is clean.

Is there anyone who tried and has idea about PlaceboAV?


Does everyone know enough English to realize what a “Placebo” is? :wink:

You mean this miracle ??? software is a hoax, sded?


I think that their slogan “Protect your PC-just not very much” on the website says it all. :■■■■

It's the fantasic anti-virus solution that's super-fast and absolutely reliable... because it does nothing at all.

Lol ;D Greetz, Red.

Would be possible to write a command prompt-based anti-virus engine that takes 56 kB, but you’ll need a virus database so it knows what to look for ;D

I like it! We might be able to beat it by writing a program under 10K!!! :slight_smile:


Maybe its the nemesis for the blue pill virus

Avira,Avast,Kaspersky etc must be quakeing in there boots.


Yeah well, but maybe aXes thought he realy found something. So give him a break boys :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

I doubt it. Again there has to be a database, and if something this small, and unheard of is under 100KB it must not be legit…Or its just useless.

“Lordy it’s a miracle”, “protect your computer-just not very much”, and “It’s the fantasic anti-virus solution that’s super-fast and absolutely reliable… because it does nothing at all.” are actual quotes from the site, so not exactly subtle IF you read all the text. LOL. But no intent to disparage aXes for bringing it to our attention, and hope he is laughing with us now. :slight_smile:

its hillarious…
i really believe we can beat them with less than 10kbytes software :slight_smile:


:slight_smile: here’s the scan result (:TNG)

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Yes! For first time I visit the website, was so. I wanted to ask an opinion to the forum.
Then I read the article one more time.


IMO, author of this website wants to draw attention to detection problem with this irony. He means that “you can use PlaceboAV. You do not need any big sized AVs. PlaceboAV prevents nothing. But at least, it does not hug system resources. You can feel safe and relaxed yourself as a result of Placebo effect! If this is not enough, you can buy PlaceboAV Pro for double effect!”

Thanks to all responders.