New and UN-improved interface

I have been a paying subscriber to Trustfax for some years now, and recent changes to the interface have made it steadily less and less usable. I fear I may soon have to seek another alternative, and being a creature of habit, I don’t relish that prospect at all.

It used to be that when I put a fax in a queue to send, I could scroll in either Firefox or IE to see the list. A few months ago, the screen was enlarged, and it became impossible to scroll and see anything more than the very top fax in the SEND screen. Resizing the screen does not help.

Now Trustfax interface makes it impossible even to see that first one in IE, as it is beneath the bottom of the window, and neither resizing or scrolling fixes the matter. I can just barely see it in Firefox.

Actually, I dislike changes to what had been a perfectly usable and functional interface, and today, when attempting to upload a document to fax, there had been yet more irritating, time-wasting hoops added to jump through. I already knew that faxes in the SEND queue went off to electron-heaven after 7 days.

Don’t make changes to a working interface, especially changes that require more steps and that make it more clunky.

I need to be able to send a few faxes each week without hassle. So I will start looking for alternative faxing services in case you are unable to resolve this issue definitively within the next 4 or 5 days and I am forced against my will to jump ship.

I really don’t want to do that, and I really like TrustFax, but if I cannot see the faxes in my send queue, I’m outta here.



Although I don’t use this service and cannot comment on it, I’m sure your feedback will be gladly recieved and looked into. If no staff reply, forward it onto them, or sent a PM to Melih or whoever, with a link to this thread.

Thanks for the reply, AyeAyeCaptain,

I feel confident that they will take this seriously. Comodo strike me as being eager to do the right thing in my dealings with them.

I spent half an hour looking for an email address or way of addressing this concern through TrustFax’s help screen, but to no avail. I really did not want to put my complaint into a public forum, but there was no alternative, as the help file had nothing even remotely close to dealing with my problem and there was no feedback form that I could find.

I don’t know who Melih is, nor do I know who any of the other people are who I could address this to.

If you could PM me a few email addresses, I would be grateful.

Again, thanks for the response and your helpful attitude.



I’ve spoken to Melih (that is exact name you PM) a few times, and he’s always replied in a helpful manner. He is the CEO of COMODO. How many other places do you know of, where you can speak to the Big-Boss-Man if you feel the need to warrant it.

Not many, AyeAyeCaptain

It’s Saturday afternoon here in the northwestern part of the United States. So I think I’ll wait until Monday afternoon to see if I get a reply from here by then.

Meanwhile, just to give Melih a heads-up, I’ll PM him with a link to this thread.

You’re certainly an enthusiastic supporter of Comodo, and it reflects well on Comodo that they have that kind of loyal customer.

I feel encouraged.



Thanks for your kind words, I’m from the UK myself, regardless of whether it’s weekend or not I suggest you fire one away to him… And he will get back to you as soon as possible (he’s good like that). As for my stance on Melih, I think he is unique in his style, thought, more or less everything he does (oh dear how bad do I sound!). In order to give you more of a insight into how he thinks, search for him and look at his Sig with his link in. I’m sure it links to his youtube videos. If not then go to comodo vision part of the website and find him there in insiders…something!

Then you will understand why I am like I am, have a nice day and feel free to PM me on how you got on.

Thank you for your feedback.
its noted.


Hi AyeAyeCaptain,

I guess by now you must have seen Melih’s response to my complaint. So this is a followup, as you requested.

It seems that the scroll-bar has been added, resolving the problem. I tested it in both IE 7 and Firefox 3.53.6.

I thought you’d like to know.



Thanks for the ‘follow up’, “Alan” that’s nice to know… But no suprise as I’m sure Comodo thinks in all our interests regardless of who we are.

Rock on Comodo, please respond to the PM , I sent you/replied to you kind Sir… :-TU