Networked Printers Blocked


I have a question.

  1. How do I create a “local network” (i.e. networked printers via ethernet) for
    always on access (locally). but still be able to block internet access. Hitting
    the BLOCK ALL button does just that. (Blocks All)

had other firewalls and had no problems with this. could block access to Net (in/out)
but still able to access local network printers.

I have several printers connected thru a router.
Is this possible with Comodo?


Umm, i am not 100% sure as i don’t have COMODO in front of me, but here it goes.

IMPORTANT: Before making changes to any rules,either backup the settings or write down the original config so that it is easier to troubleshoot.

change the rule that allows everything out to, or change the rules created for the network connection:

TO (This computer, this computer’s IP, whatever works)
PROTOCOL TCP/UPD (the appropriate ports, try 135, 139, 445)

Filesharing/ printer ports needed from Internet firewalls prevent file sharing - Windows Client | Microsoft Learn

TCP: 135, 139, 445
UDP: 135, 139, 445

According to windows firewall, the ports it needs are TCP 139, 445 and UDP 137,138

so try allowing what the Microsoft site says, if that doesn’t work add UDP 137, 138.

cheers, rotty