network zone has 'public' checkbox, what does it really do?

hello and thanks for reading this.
comodo is great stuff, really it has a paranoia mode ;D.

for ‘network security policy’, when adding a new network zone there is a checkbox labeled ‘public’.
the manual from webpage: Comodo Internet Security Network Zones, Network Connection | CIS v6.2| COMODO
states “Select the checkbox ‘Public Network’ if you are defining a network zone for a network in a public place, for example, when you are connecting to a Wi-Fi network at an airport, restaurant etc., so that Comodo Firewall will optimize the configuration accordingly.”

i have enabled and disabled it ovre and over, looking for resultant changes in comodo configuration but i could not find any.
i would love to know what comodo does to ‘optimize’ the configuration.


Check the Firewall Global Rules; these should change for Public / Local networks. Also, some rules have a block for NOT in a Trusted network so just defining a different network as Public ( or Not Trusted ) would make that rule apply but the rules would not have to be added or removed per se.

The only real use for the check box are the alerts generated by the firewall when you connect to a network marked as public. If you use Trustconnect it gives you an opportunity to make sure you’re encrypted.

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i will take another look at the global rules as i experiment with that checkbox’s functionality.