Network Zone and Global Rules

Hi, I have my global rules set to stealth. They always have been.

But when it comes to network zones. I’m not sure what to do? It say’s Home #1 and them rules always go above the stealth global rules.

I’ve always wondered, is this the correct way, is it safe? I usually just delete the Home #1 in network zones, and just keep the loopback zone on there. And just keep the stealth global rules, in in the global rules.

Is this ok to do? Always wondered and thought I’d finally ask, and sort out if I’m doing anything wrong. I’m all green on grc and my modem/router is on the highest!



Would just appreciate some help

The network zone is a way of creating trusted and untrusted networks zones/ranges. If you don’t need them, just don’t use them in rules, there’s no real reason to delete them. And if you don’t want them created anyway, you should turn off automatically detect new networks.

Depends on your environment needs, do you have a local network of multiple computer/devices and do those devices need to communicate, i.e file or printer sharing, syncing, etc. If yes then the easy way to allow said communications while still being stealthed is to use the network zone has an allow exception above the stealth/block rules.

Hi, thank you for your reply.

That makes perfect sense, so I wasn’t doing anything wrong. I turned it off now as you said.

I don’t use a local network or anything like that. I’ve disabled anything that shares etc on Windows. As it’s not needed. Hopefully that makes my computer a bit more secure to.

Just one more question if I can ask?

Will my modem/routers firewall affect Comodo in how it works? As I have the highest settings on my modem/router. I just want to be secure as I can be.

No it should not affect Comodo. Just means that traffic has to get through two firewalls. Just beware that if you use an online port scan, firewall leak or some sort, upnp vulnerability test, they will be checking your router and not Comodo.