Network Transparency

I am pretty much new to firewalls, and the setting up of such things. I recently decided to move on from the integrated one that came with WinXP and try out some of the free ones around. I came across a few but like the comodo offering.

It has some good reviews, but looks a little daunting for a new user, the simplicity of the free PC Tools firewall and also The Ashampoo firewall seems straight forward, but I suppose its a trade off between simple but not so good against a little more complex but secure.

Anyway, a few of us in an apartment complex share a friend’s wireless router, I share files with one other person on this network but not all. I am not sure but I have a feeling that my shared files are been seen and viewed by other people in this apartment block. I would like to know if comodo has a set of rules that would allow me to be transparent on this network to all but still see and access the network. Just to clarify, I would like to be fully invisible to all on the LAN but have full access to others, is this possible?

Thanks for looking

Have you tried running the stealth port wizard?

Vettetech I think you misunderstood the problem. The stealth ports wizard will make him visible from all the others on the lan.

Yes it is possible, at least in theory. Right now I haven’t got cfp installed. Wait a bit and Ill post the instructions.
To do this you will need the IP address of the router, and of your friends computer (with which you want to share files). If the IP’s are not constant, I mean they are changing once in a while then you will be better off if you use MAC addresses. In the later case you’ll need the MAC (physical) address of the router and the friend’s computer.